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Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
'Lamps' unsatisfied with Singha's playing level-sakidbet
‘Lamps’ unsatisfied with Singha’s playing level-sakidbet

sakidbet Frank Lampard insisted this was not the performance Chelsea were supposed to be after losing 2-1 at home to Brighton, his third successive defeat since his return. came to control the Blues for the second time sakidbet

“It’s difficult because the score doesn’t go their way. They should have even scored more. Brighton have been a good team for a while now. They have been working together for a long time. And now with the coach, the mentality, the energy and the connection within the team is very good. And that is why they are now. And we are not like that.( sakidbet )

“It takes time to get to that point. But the first thing on the ladder is fundamentally where we went wrong today. And that’s not fit to be us. We must deal with it quickly. Because that’s not the performance of a team like Chelsea.”

“Some of our changes were forced. We need to spread out the minutes. We should have a team that people can talk to to make an impression. So it’s not meant to be light. This was my first home game back. So there was no way I could do that. But what’s the result of the competition?”

“There is only one way out. and that is working Because you play against a team like Brighton who have very good possession of the ball. Working in the game is important. But for me, the level today is not good enough.”

“They could have scored more, Kepa [Arrizabalaga] was brilliant, Connor Gallagher was another dedicated man. but we are a group we have to accept it We have to accept what it takes to play for this club. and try to overcome it.”

“I’ve been at the club for nine days. I didn’t like what I saw today. I won’t try to make it that way. We have to be honest about this. There should be a feeling when you play for Chelsea with pride. We have to give more on Tuesday.

“To get to that point will require new energy. the desire to make a comeback”

“Right now, we are not in a perfect position. In football you can quickly change the story. We must have a strong desire to do that. And it will be a different game.”

“It’s not about the club I’ve played for. It’s a different era. Even if he is already a team manager other managers I’ve been here and succeeded. It’s Chelsea. It’s bigger than them all. We are not where we want to be. But we have to work like we want to have tomorrow.”

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