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Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
How likely is David Raya to Arsenal? - OPINION-neptuxe
How likely is David Raya to Arsenal? – OPINION-neptuxe

neptuxe Arsenal are reportedly interested in Brentford’s Brentford Spanish goalkeeper David Raya (27 years contract until mid-2024 ) . neptuxe

Raya has been rumored to bid farewell to “Phaya Phueng”, the team he has joined since 2019, with the player having the desire to move to a bigger club. and cause negotiations for a new contract to not progress Previously, he had been linked with Spurs, however, the deal fell through after Spurs opted to sign Italian goalkeeper Diermo Vicario as a replacement for Hugo Lloris, who will leave the team in the future. soon ( neptuxe )

Raya…Arsenal are familiar with it.

Raya has long been one of Arsenal’s top goalkeepers. As he had previously worked with Arsenal goalkeeping coach Inaki Gana, who previously worked with Brentford. And recommend him as a choice for Arsenal’s goalkeeper. And had made an offer for Brentford in the 2020s before it was rejected. And the team selected and signed a contract with Aaron Ramsdale, who is now the current team’s first hand in 2021 onwards.

Arsenal have turned their attention to Raya again for reasons that the team’s goalkeeper may change. Matt Turner (29 years, contract until mid-2025), United States national team which is the team’s backup outpost It has attracted interest from Nottingham Forest, who are looking for a new goalkeeper. They last year brought in Dean Henderson and Keylor Navas on loan. But it was not possible to sign a permanent contract, while goalkeepers Wayne Hennessey and Ethan Horvath are both out of contract in the middle of next year. Hennessey, now 36, while Horvath, 28, is an American goalkeeper like Turner. Last year was loaned to play with Luton Town, just returned to work with him this season.

Turner…a profile too good to back up.

Turner last year moved to Europe for the first time. After success in Major League Soccer, he became the national team’s No. 1 goalkeeper, although in 2016 he was not selected through the draft system. And had to find a team to play for himself to sign with New England Revolution At the time, he was the team’s fourth or fifth goalkeeper before moving to gain experience through loan. Plus he was lucky when he returned to the team and a goalkeeper higher than him was injured. And gave him an opportunity that in the end he never let it slip again. until elevating himself to the national team And became the team captain in the last GOLD CUP 2023 tournament. With Arsenal, he hasn’t received many opportunities. Played in all football cup competitions. And still waiting for the debut in the Premier League The new league season is coming this way.

Ramsdale’s immense pressure

Let’s go back to Raya, he’s a Spanish goalkeeper. to say is “Spanish diaspora” would not be so wrong. He had played futsal before. going into football He started with a youth team called Cornella, a Spanish team. Then had the opportunity to test his ability with Blackburn Rovers in England in 2011. At that time, he was only 15, almost 16 years old, he tested his ability only once, then Blackburn chose to enter the team. at all With a value of about 10,000 pounds only on the basis that

which test that it is “Luck and fortune” especially because there is no way that the two clubs will meet. If about two years before that they didn’t have a deal to sign Hugo Fernandez, this player moved to play with Blackburn. With the condition that Cornella will be able to send players to test their abilities with Blackburn for a specified time and number, which Raya was one of the children selected at that time. and moved to play in England After that, I spent another 6 years developing myself and waiting for opportunities.

2017: First Hand with Blackburn led the team to be promoted to play in the Championship

2018: Starting with the Championship, the team is safe.

2019: From £10,000 to £3m, joins Brentford.

2021: First Brentford goalkeeper to play in the Premier League

2022: Called for Spain national team to play in the World Cup finals in Qatar

Personal statistics: Last year, Raya was the number 1 goalkeeper with the most saves, the number 1 most saves from outside the penalty area, the number 1 interceptions from lateral crosses, touching the ball had a lot to do with the game. The best is number 1 and can keep clean sheets in 12 games together on the basis that Each team’s defenders are different. This is definitely a serious contender for Aaron Ramsdale if a transfer is made.

The story from now on will be divided into two parts.

Brentford are already clear they want to renew Raya’s contract. years before the injury And did not play in the Premier League at all, as for Mark Flecken, another goalkeeper, it was difficult to answer if he could stand the distance. Here, if losing Raya, there is an opportunity to both give opportunities to existing people. with having to find a new one But with the trading times steadily decreasing, they will definitely face a difficult task.

Arsenal if they receive an offer from Forest for Matt Turner at a satisfactory price. They may choose to release and go get Raya, quite possible. Because this is to reinforce the army and the team is much stronger. Opportunities like this are rare to get a goalkeeper to join the league, but the fierce form moves to play together. But the opportunity to deal and not release the outposts from the team is very difficult.

Other contenders to enter the deal Bayern Munich now want players to work with. but would like to be a loan deal Here, if changing from loan to outright sale, Brentford may be more interested.

Raya-Turner has one thing in common. They took the opportunity hard to get to their feet. Raya saw him wanting to play in Europe once. want to play at a bigger club If he was determined and patient enough to wait. It is believed that he has a high chance of fulfilling whatever club that is, while for Turner, playing in Europe is a dream that has been fulfilled. But to win the real one in the Premier League, it would be better than sitting on the bench and waiting for an opportunity like last year. Players like him are too good to be on the bench. But it’s not easy to start at a top club either. So a deal can happen. If all parties benefit each other more or less On the time constraints that will force all parties to decide what will benefit them the most, especially Brentford, where they are too random to lose the top goalkeeper from the team

We have to wait and follow each other.

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