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Tk9bet เกมสล็อต สล็อตออนไลน์ คาสิโน เว็บตรง
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Fabio Cavalho, the path he must prove himself to return to claim his position with Liverpool - OPINION-sunlit1688
Fabio Cavalho, the path he must prove himself to return to claim his position with Liverpool – OPINION-sunlit1688

sunlit1688 Fabio Carvalho, a promising Portuguese playmaker. Liverpool , a giant club in the English Premier League, is facing a difficult situation after moving from the “Reds” to play on loan with RB Leipzig. Six this season sunlit1688

The 21-year-old star moved from Fulham to join Liverpool on a free transfer last summer. But was unable to insert himself into the starting line-up of manager Jurgen Klopp and had to be released to find an opportunity to play on the field with Leipzig. ( sunlit1688 )

However, in the past Carvalho has been praised. He is one of the most talented young players. Back in 2013, during Balham FC’s regular training session, the club’s founder and director, Greg Cruttwell, did something many people didn’t expect: Blood capillaries looking Come to test your skills with the youth team.

Cruttwell recalled: “I was with another coach at the time. And we usually don’t let unrelated people be on the practice field without any official contact with the club. But we gave Fabio a chance to play and within 30 seconds you could see he was better than the other lads. I looked at the other coach. And we both said, wow, this kid is amazing.”

Carvalho trained with Portuguese side Benfica in his hometown, then his parents moved to England and Cruttwell offered him the opportunity to join Balham’s youth team.

Crattwell continued: “He definitely has the quality to become a top player. He has excellent technique. Have physical balance And it’s very fast. He really is a natural No. 10 playmaker.”

“At the end of practice that day I spoke to his mother. He barely spoke English. I told him to please bring him to practice with us again. His family is wonderful. He always comes to practice with us. And we finally signed him.”

“He is a lovely child. humble All he wanted was Play football anytime, anywhere. His parents are very good. They didn’t push Fabio. He didn’t think he was the one who stood out from the crowd. He just wants to play football.”

“At the time our team was the Balham Blazers and he had heard about us. We are famous for developing young players. and let them move to a bigger team. He was very lucky when he came to play with us. We are working with a group of players similar in age to him. And the rest is history.”

During his two seasons with Balham, Carvalho performed so well that he led many clubs in England. And Europe began to look at him seriously, and in 2015 he moved to play with Fulham, and Cruttwell had a big part in this transfer.

“Even though Fabio was at a big club like Benfica, his parents wanted him to be at the right club. and has developed They are quite happy that Fabio will be with us for a long time. But the inevitable happened. And the offers came in.”

“They are very relaxed. And they trusted us to develop Fabio. They saw that he was doing well. When you’re between 10 and 14 years old, you have to develop yourself. But you have to enjoy football too.”

At the time, Fulham were the first club to seriously look at Carvalho, with Premier League giants Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool also closely following his situation.

Crattwell said: “We are dealing with interest from a number of clubs. Because his family felt pressure from those teams contacting them. They are thinking hard. But it is the right time for him to move and I think Fulham seems like the right club for him.”

“Fulham’s youth team are excellent. And it’s still awesome to this day. They are one of the best academies. And we felt that Fabio would have a good chance there. Hugh Jenkins, Fulham’s manager at the time, was a really good guy. and produced players like Patrick Roberts and Ryan Sessegnon . ”

After signing a professional contract with Fulham in 2020, Carvalho gradually developed into a key member of the team. and help lead the party “Little Magnate” under the leadership of coach Marco Silva won the Championship and was successfully promoted to play in the Premier League.  

After doing an excellent job with Fulham, Liverpool didn’t wait to bring Carvalho to the team. In his first year with the “Reds” he had the opportunity to play in all competitions, 21 games, scoring. Scored 3 goals before moving to play with Leipzig.

Carvalho has one season to develop his skills with Leipzig, which if he plays regularly. And with more experience, maybe he will come back to compete for a starting position in the Liverpool team.

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